Effects of recession

Are you feeling the effects of the recession already?

My friend who works for a big call center company here in Manila is now feeling the brunt of the global financial crisis affecting so many companies around the world. She’s now on a 9-hour, 6-day work week. Some of her co-workers are complaining. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t complain anymore. It is hard to get a job nowadays. Adjusting to longer working hours is better than being out of job.

We should all start thinking on how we can help our employers so that we can all rise above this problem we are all facing. Additional work hours, less rest days, less incentives, no more bonuses… these are all way better than being out of job. And these will all be given back in time, I’m sure of it.

One comment

  • hELLO Sasha! Grabe naman yun. Same pay ba or OT naman yung 6th day? Isn’t it against labor laws?

    Anyways, you are right about keeping the job no matter what. It is a choice between getting hungry or just work harder.