No paid EC ads in this blog

And by that I mean Entrecard ads that are paid with other than EC credits.

When Entrecard announced they will be accepting paid ads, I kept quiet about it. I wanted to make sure I know how the system works before I say anything. I approved the first three ads. But then I noticed how the paid advertisements were given priority over the EC credit paid ads.

I just knew then that I won’t be approving any of those ads for this blog anymore. EC members are working hard to earn enough credits to advertise and it’s just not right to cut their advertising time to half.


  • I’m with you. I allowed a few and noticed that the paid ones go first. I don’t like that either.

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  • Thank you for writing this … I totally agree. At first I did not quite understand but now I just delete the paid ads and only accept with the EC credits.

  • I do not approve paid ads since last week yet still some paid ads are still showing in some of my blogs.

  • I’ve accepted a few of the paid ads when they’re from other bloggers, but I’m going to stop. I haven’t been accepted for the cashout and I can’t get in the forum any more, so why should I?

  • I accepted a few initially but have stopped accepting paid EC ads now…. to be fair to my regular advertisers.

  • I don’t like their style manay. Sana in other way nalang sila kikita.