Influenza A(N1H1) virus

I am not that concerned with the Influenza A(N1H1) virus. That’s because I work at home hehe. No, seriously, I am more concerned with my sister who teaches at a Chinese school in Manila. Her students went on vacation abroad, based on emails and Friendster/YM messages she got from them. There are suggestions from co-teachers that they postpone opening of classes in their school, just to make sure that those students coming in from different parts of the world have enough time to know if they have been infected or not. No word from their school head as to what the decision is.

For now, she’s taking multivitamins to help make her immune system stronger. The same goes for my other sister who rides the MRT going to the office on weekdays. She also had a flu shot last month. I don’t know if it will help ward off the virus, but I hope it does.

There has been a confirmed case of the A(N1H1) virus in the country already. I hope every one who was on that same flight as the 10-year-old child will cooperate with the authorities concerned so as not to spread the virus in the country.

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  • eli

    hello kapitabahay (oops, wala na pala ko sa philam, at wala ka na sa PSBank, hehe).. nabalitaan ko na nga yang meron na daw dito satin sa pinas… dapat mag ingat lahat, para di tayo magkahawahan.. tsk tsk.. delikado