UPDATE: I finally did it! After some tweaking, nervous twiddling of thumbs and a lot of praying, all my posts are now back up! Yey!

It’s already 3:31AM. I’m off to sleep. Will be back later for more updates 😉


I made a major boo-boo when I was cleaning my archives early today. I accidentally deleted some posts! So what I did, I took out one of my database backups and restored it. Everything went fine. Yey! I got back the deleted posts…

But then I noticed that the posts I got are only up to March 2009. I have to get back the other posts. No problem, I exported my newer posts and will only have to import it. Then the bug hit my blog! For some reason, it won’t accept files! I have to change the maximum allowable file to be uploaded to more than 2MB but the php.ini file won’t show up. I tried uploading the modified file to a demo blog and it’s still the same.

I will put up this blog again despite some missing posts. I hope I will be able to remedy this problem within the day. And I hope no one will flag me for the missing posts 🙁

I don’t know what’s up with WordPress but it’s been acting up since the release of the newest beta version. Does it have something to do with it? Have you been experiencing weird things lately with your WordPress blogs?


  • grabe, i don’t understand anything about php.ini file na yan. at wala ako database backup. takot tuloy ako. i lost my celphone. email me naman your cel no pati na kay liza. di pa tayo nagmeet uli. hiya pa ko sa place ko. wala pa rin akong dining, ano ba yan…nag-iipon pa=)

  • I lost my posts about 2 weeks ago when my host updated their servers. I cried buckets because all my posts were gone and I don’t have a back-up. Buti na lang, my host got figured it out kaya naibalik nya.

    I still have no idea about tweaking my WP database though, ang alam ko lang para maback-up yung posts ko is to export my posts to an xml file.

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