Rainy Friday

It’s the end of another day for me. My day ends before 6AM everyday. I work at odd hours and have found myself to be productive during these times. I was able to drop EC and do some posts. I am still wide awake, my sisters are listening to the radio regarding suspension of classes. Both teachers are going to school today.

I wonder why our weather bureau and the Department of Education can’t decide right away whether to suspend classes or not. The PAGASA can’t even predict the weather accurately! What kind of weather equipments are this government agency’s using?!? Today, June 5, 2009, all elementary and high school classes in the NCR are suspended, both public and private. DepEd made the announcement at 5:20AM! I hope the kids are still at home and have heard the announcement by now. Heavy rains will pour around 8AM according to PAGASA.

Be careful everyone! Happy rainy Friday! 🙂

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