Baguio: My adopted hometown


I miss Baguio! Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines. My family and I adopted the place as our hometown. We love the weather and the city’s feel of everything within reach. Tourists spots and malls are within the city. You can walk at night to eat and shop without the fear of being accosted. When my sisters and I attended my best friend’s wedding there, we even went out every night after midnight to eat and have coffee. We stayed there for four days at a hotel along Session Road. Everything was peaceful.

And then news about riots, late night fights, and other type of blights on the peace and security of Baguio at night broke out. It somehow painted a different picture of my adopted hometown. It clashed against the Baguio that we learned to love.

I hope that the city government of Baguio will do something about these threats to the peace and security of Baguio at night. I am sure that the city government doesn’t want to turn away people like us who have made the city our own already, and especially the tourists.

I miss Baguio and I hope that when we go back it will be the same Baguio that we learned to love: safe, peaceful and a haven for vacationers like me.


  • it sure is scary over by Session Road, there were a lot of night owls sniffing all sorts of things and even by the Burnham Park at night, it scared the hell out of us when we were in Baguio, i guess drugs must be one big problem in the city, i don’t know, i’m just guessing. then, there seemed to be a lot of male prostitutes roaming around late at night.

    nagizing kasi ako nang gabi and we were staying at a hotel a block away from Session Road and i decided to take a walk like i thought i was in the US, leche! hahaha! walang ilaw ang Session Road! waaa!!!

  • Zee

    Wow love the shot… the first and last time I was in Baguio it was raining soooo bad hindi tuloy ako nka pasyal… hehehe 🙁