Father’s Day confusion

Last Sunday was really funny. A lot of people thought it was already Father’s Day. My cousins and an aunt texted me and called us up, greeting my dad. Some even went to our house to personally greet him. We told them that we know Father’s Day celebration is on the 21st of June. We know for a fact that Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the 2nd of May and Father’s Day is on the 3rd week of June. But according to those who greeted my dad, the priests told the people who attended the mass to greet all the fathers they know a Happy Father’s Day. Thus, the greetings.

My siblings and I got confused as well. Was it moved to an earlier date? We didn’t want my dad to think that we wouldn’t be celebrating the day so my sister whipped up some yummy dishes for dinner. It is now a running joke at home that we will also be celebrating on the 21st as well, just to be sure.

And you know what? Father’s Day here in the Philippines is really on June 21! 😀

Did you also get confused?