Last will and testament

With all the talks about Michael Jackson’s will, you are given the chance to realize that a last will and testament is very important. Regardless of how little you have, you need to be able to clearly define to whom it will be given once you are gone. It is better to be prepared for any eventuality so that the ones you will leave behind won’t have a hard time determining which is which and to whom it will be. Or worst, fight for the biggest chunk they can get from your estate.

This talk about a last will reminded me of a neighbor’s large family that he left behind. His children fought like dogs out for a large bone once he was buried. They were fighting for the house. It was determined later on that he left a last will stating that his house will be subdivided between his children and that should they continue to fight for sole possession of the house, it will be turned over to a relative that took care of him while he’s sick. That settled the issue.

Lesson learned: It doesn’t matter when you will die, or how much you will leave behind. Make sure you have a last will and testament that you will leave that clearly defines the division of your estate.

One comment

  • That is one of the reasons why we only have one child. If the time comes that we would be able buy another house and lot again, maybe we would have another child.

    Does it make sense?

    Anyways, our grandparents at our father side left a big house. There was no will. The house is supposed to be divided by six. Our share? Well, the others who are living there from the day they were born sort of claimed it.