EC’s new algorithm

When I joined Entrecard, I didn’t expect people would drop and comment. I don’t do that when I drop as well. If I don’t feel like leaving a comment, then I don’t. There are topics that I cannot relate to. There are blog posts that seem already complete to me that I feel like leaving a comment will ruin it somehow. There are entries that move me but not enough for me to comment on it. Or there are days when I only have enough time to drop and do nothing else because I have more important things to do online. I am sure other bloggers feel the same way, have the same reasons for not leaving comments.

So it is really surprising to find out about EC’s new algorithm that they will be implementing soon. Why force me (and you) to comment or do something else within another’s blog just to earn a credit? I do believe that it is the blogger’s responsibility to entice another’s curiosity or earn their interest enough for them to become regular readers. If you do not want a high bounce rate (which I assume is the issue being addressed by EC’s Graham), then stop joining EC! The program is actually designed for a “drop and run” style. And now to remedy that, we are being forced to comment and participate in another’s blog just to earn a credit.

Read this article from Mike’s Blog Marketing Tips. More eloquent than my entry.

What do you think about this new development from Entrecard?


  • Thank you very much, Sasha for linking to my article. I truly appreciate the compliment. And although all of my comments on that post were positive, most thought I was a little harsh in my assessment. But what I said is true. We, as bloggers, cannot expect everyone to leave a comment each and every time a person visits our blogs. Harsh? Maybe, but it’s the truth. Again, thank you so much for linking to my post, I am truly honored. I hope this finds you having a great day/night….Peace

  • Here, here! I agree with you. I leave plenty of comments, but I only leave a comment on something that interests me or would be a legitimate part of a conversation. I think this new algorithm is going to lead to a lot of spam comments just so people can earn their little EC credit.

  • What? Do you mean in the future, Entrecarders will only earn EC credit when they drop + leave comment? If we drop and run, we will earn zero credit? Wow.. That’s just too much.

  • I agree. I only post on a blog when they have something really interesting to say. Which is why I’m posting now. The whole point is to get traffic to your site. Comments not needed.