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noimitationI know this is not only confined to Filipinos. But let me rant this one in relation to my fellow citizens. Ang Pinoy ang hilig manapaw ng kapwa niya! Grabe talaga! Filipinos would love to do anything and everything just to overshadow his/her fellowman. I’ve seen this happening time and again. Instead of supporting someone who’s doing something good (or is becoming successful in what he/she does), he/she will do something just to overshadow that person. Even to the point of copying something that was originally thought of by that person! Nakakahiya sobra!

This is one of the reasons why I am amazed by how some races would support each other. Mariuca and her fellow Malaysians come to mind. They may not represent a big percentage of Malaysian bloggers, but I see them commenting on each others’ blogs, supporting the projects of each other (memes and all), and even making sure that others support them as well. I am really happy seeing that. Hats off to them!

I know we are entitled to start projects of our own. Just make sure that it is not taken from somebody else’s original idea. We should stop this crab mentality and instead should start supporting our fellowmen (as long as it’s nothing illegal). Imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery. It can be as annoying as hell most of the time. And hurtful when you realize that you were copied!


  • itay

    ay oo monkeys daw tayo na cat pa as in copycat! may isang meme nga na nabalitaan ko weekend snapshot ba yun ginawan din ng copycat tsk tsk walang originality di na lang nag isip ng ibang idea naman. ganyan naman tayong pinoy imbes na suportahan ang kapwa sapawan pa. o siya gawa nga rin ako ng blog tulad ng blog mo anak hahah…

  • Eh itay, kawawa naman kasi yung nag-isip di ba?

  • dew

    this is really sad!

    happy monday to you!

  • itay

    oo nga naman, ganon pala yun lumipat lang ng tirahan ang weekend snapshot may umagaw na agad.

  • i do agree at a certain point. and exactly the reason why crab mentality is said to be one of the most negative filipino traits and i wonder why it`s hard for us to somehow avoid this… is it because of our culture? or is it just because of our corrupted mentality not to mention our being self-centered?

    if you happen to watch AKO MISMO campaign, i commend that guy who commits himself not to blog anything that would give a negative impression to our country, and if given a chance to be part of it (i mean, the ad campaign on TV), i would want to add to what he has stated… AKO MISMO – hindi ako magbablog ng makakasira sa bayan ko, pati narin sa kapwa ko… or AKO MISMO – hindi ko sisiraan ang kapwa ko para lamang sa ikakabuti ko. but hey, i don`t want you to misinterpret these quotations, these are not meant to sabotage your blog post sis. all i want here is to emphasize the need for filipinos to be truly matured as individuals and as citizens. indeed, i would also want to commend you for this another ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘wake-up call’ post.

    honestly, there`s nothing wrong with copying… that`s one of life`s essences and nature. the only thing is, it`s being done and taken negatively by individuals with such desire selfish desires. again, copying is just really fine for as long as you`ll admit that it`s really just a COPY, and PLEASE learn how to credit the person behind it, or the one behind what you are copying. originality is not really the main concern here, but your being YOU, your being YOURSELF. imagine you`ll present to others a certain work that is not really yours and you pretended to be yours, the mere fact that it`s not really yours already means that it`s not really YOU! and whatever others would think or say about it – a compliment or any negative feedback – would only determine the person behind that work which in fact is not YOU.

    haha… kumukulo ang dugo ko sa mga copycats at ganid na yan. hehe. by the way, nice post sis.

  • hay naku naman tsk! tsk! oh well…

    have a great week sis! Ingat lagi. =) *HUGS*

  • Hello, Sis!
    Hmmmm…. I have not been browsing lately, ah. Sino ba umagaw ng WS? Wala siyang respeto ah.

  • Grabe, may bago na naman case ng plagiarism sa PPP. Ang masakit pa, yung original and napagbintangan, kasi na-antidate ng plagiarist ang kinopya nya. Hindi inexpose kung sino eh.