Beware of copycats!

Plagiarism is fast becoming a big issue in the blogosphere at the moment. A lot of bloggers are complaining about being flagged by programs for having an exact same copy of their posts. I remember there was a post by Reyna Elena about this. He found out that his posts that he submitted to 3P were copied. Antedated, if I am not mistaken. Then, there’s Juliana‘s plagiarized post. With the same program. And then there’s another blogger complaining of being flagged by 3P. For the same issue. Copied post.

Those bloggers copying from another is really shameful, enriching themselves at the expense of another. I pity those who were copied from, flagged by the program and their work going to waste. I know how hard it is to come up with an entry that you have to write immediately. It’s even harder when the topic is something you are not familiar with. And then only to find out that your work is being rejected because someone else already claimed it…

To those copycats: I hope you can still sleep soundly at night knowing that you just robbed someone of their hard work!

One comment

  • I wonder too how these people can sleep soundly at night knowing well that they are earning from somebody else’s work. I thought it would stop after Jul’s case. Mas marami pa palang incidents after.