Entrecard has new management

Anna of A Commuter’s Life voiced the question that entered my mind when I read Graham Langdon’s email: What lies ahead for Entrecard and its users?

For those of you who don’t know it yet, Entrecard has been acquired by another company, Los Angeles based ZipRunner Inc. You can read the email in its entirety after the jump.

Entrecard has been good to my blog’s Alexa rating. I was also able to lure some members into becoming regular readers and even subscribers to most of my blogs. I have met great bloggers and have found great blogs through the system. In short, I have benefited from the system a lot. It is only natural that when I read the email, questions popped in my mind. I began to worry that the change in management will surely affect the current system. Of course, funds changed hands and I wonder how the new owner would get back their money through the program. Perhaps, we can expect to be asked for membership fees. Or get bombarded by advertisements we wouldn’t want to put in our widgets. And there are many possibilities if you think about it. Sure, the system might improve now that the new owner has more resources than Graham. But will we really benefit from the improvements? Do we really want those possible changes?

Everything remains to be seen. I am just hoping that this change will make the program better and will truly benefit the members in the long run.

Read the email from Graham below…
Dear Entrecarders,
It is with great excitement that I announce Entrecard.com, Inc. has been acquired by Los Angeles based ZipRunner Inc.

ZipRunner has the resources, vision, and dedication to Entrecard that will allow it to grow in pursuit of the vision I laid out nearly two years ago.

Moving forward, my relationship to Entrecard will be that of an adviser, and I will help the good folks at ZipRunner take the whole project to the next level. Expect a follow up communication from them very soon.

ZipRunner Inc. was chosen out of a number of potential suitors because of the resources they can dedicate to the project, their exciting vision for the company’s future, and their understanding of social media and the blogosphere.

I urge you all to look forward to a bigger, better Entrecard, and I couldn’t be more proud to bring it to this point before passing the torch. I’ve heard first hand all the great things that are in store for the company and it’s members, and needless to say it has me quite excited.

If you would like to keep in touch with me in the future, your can find me at my new blog Ontrapranore.com where I look forward to sharing my stories of entrepreneurship and starting/running internet companies.

Whether you love or hate the decisions I’ve made for Entrecard in the past, I always did the best I could to move the company forward given the resources I had, and I always had the best interest of the members
in mind. Now, with new management and ownership stepping in, I urge anyone who has left the service to give it another chance, and I urge those who have been loyal members for days, weeks, months, or years to
look forward to a brighter future, a reliable and stable service, and great new features and strategic direction.

Signing Off,
Graham Langdon
Founder of Entrecard


  • Tama ka, Sis. Expected na siguro yun na me membership fee. Sana mababa lang.
    Salamat nga pala sa link. 🙂

  • I concerned about what changes ZipRunner will make, hopefully they’ll be for the better.

  • Well those that had to have it their way and ran Graham off may not be as pleased as they anticipate. Anything can happen and I think you may be right in the forced advertising. This new company could run it as a business, close down the forums and not give a lick what the users want. It could get very interesting.