Bringing in traffic with the use of suggestive images

I don’t know with you but I get turned off by racy ads, or those suggestive images. I’m not being a prude or anything but I think there are other ways to entice a customer. I also think that more and more kids using the internet should not be exposed to these ads. They are impressionable and let’s face it, not everyone has an adult with them to guide them and teach them right and wrong.

In Entrecard, you will see widgets of women in sexy poses or costumes. I normally don’t approve ads with these images. Why? Because the little girl at home would often look over my shoulder and ask what the image she sees on the computer. This is also the reason why I stopped dropping on blogs with racy or suggestive content. I’ve run into a lot of these blogs.

I know some people use sexy women or suggestive images to entice curiosity, bring in traffic. When I was still a member of Spott, I noticed that this is what they do. Use sexy women in their ads. I stopped being a member and deleted the widget when friends started asking if I was already featuring a porn ad in my blog!

There are so many ways to entice a customer or a reader to go visit your blog/site. I believe we need not use sexy women or suggestive/porn-like images to achieve this goal.


  • I agree! It’s been a while, but I’ve rejected ads that had a scantily clad woman on the button. The blog was perfectly fine, but I didn’t like the button that would show on MY blog. I explained it in my comment (upon rejection) but I never heard from the person.

  • BK

    I am with you on this. Just this evening I was thinking about the same thing when I opened one of these blogs and it featured a picture of a woman in bikini. The content has nothing to do with the picture. And I told myself, I definitely wouldn’t want to open up a blog like this, especially when my niece and nephews are around. Although the blog has family friendly contents.

  • I agree! I try to avoid the blogs that are inappropriate. I have run into some language issues …. for me anyway.

  • I agree entirely. I once had a client that insisted on trying to exploit the notion that “s*x sells”, despite being in the jewellery business. Ultimately it did him no good and I really think that your brand should be worth more morally. Who wants to do business or associate themselves with sleaze?

  • I thought I was the only one who felt this way!!! I’ve noticed a number of Entrecard users are doing this or posting large, scantily clad women at the top of their blog sites while writing about the $.20 off coupon from Fred Meyers.

  • I also don’t like what they are doing as well, although I remembered approving some of their ads before. It looks like the tabloid style of enticing people to read their stuff.

    I just realized that this is going to be a norm wherever. These kinds of ads still make money for them so they continue to use these to market their stuff. Just a sad reality though…

  • I agree with you sha!…hello there…been along time…miss yah..

  • tsk. tsk. i find it pathetic, it’s like, man, they really lack skills if they have to use women to SELL their stuff.

    Ate, I hope you don’t mind, pero I gave you an award!