Fascination with Facebook

Addicted to FacebookI’m sorry, I just have to say this… I just can’t see all the hype about Facebook. I’ve been a member for quite some time now and it’s practically the same as other social networking sites. Probably better because of the many apps and all that, plus it has tons of things about True Blood, but other than that…

Or maybe, it’s just me. I was chatting with a friend a week or so ago about Facebook. She’s addicted to it. She spends two to three hours after her shift just updating her account and writing on friends’ walls. While we were chatting, she’s busy with uploading her photos. I just could not see how you can spend hours in it. It’s nothing new.

I know some enterprising individuals are using it for their businesses. Spending hours networking, meeting potential customers, business partners and such I can understand. I can even understand that some are on the lookout for celebrities and the latest about them. But to simply be there to update it and “connect” with friends (when you can connect with them via IM or in person, which is much better)… now, that I can’t understand. I don’t mean to offend those who are addicted to Facebook. This is my personal views and opinions about it. As I’ve said, maybe, it’s just me.

Are you?

Are you?

So, pray tell, why are you addicted to Facebook? Do you also spend hours in it? Or like me, you can’t also understand the fascination?


  • I think that FaceBook is handy when I want to share a photo or information with multiple people. Other than that, I don’t see how people can spend hours on it. Many people seem to like all the quizzes and those things but I don’t have time for that.

  • I think the excitement is always there. Kumbaga, pampalipas oras though it turns to addiction na. This is also an individual choice, if you are having fun then enjoy it.

    Yes, we gained friends and involve in socializing. But the question is that did we make profit from it? I guess not. But for me, I think it’s fine as long as I am using my “free time”.

  • I too am addicted to Facebook. It’s bad. I recently vowed to stop playing the games anymore because I would schedule my day around when I had to harvest my crops in Farmville.

  • You are right. It is just like other social working sites.Like Friendster.
    I am more addicted to Twitter and you are right again, getting updates about my favorite celebs. Ha,ha,ha!!!

  • I don’t really care for Facebook, but I am addicted to Twitter!!! I spend hour promoting my blog posts and retweeting posts that I think my readers and followers would enjoy. I love it!

    You can read more about what I said about social media, Facebook and Twitter in this interview on NetworkwithMoms.com, where I was Mom of the Week: http://networkwithmoms.com/dagmar-from-dagmars-momsense/


  • I’m like you Sasha! I’m not seeing the fireworks over Facebook.
    Being there 15 minutes is stretching it for me!

  • I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I only use FB to promote my blog and for business contacts. For example, if I’m going to a product launch, I check the product manager’s profile first. Then when I see her at the party, I have something to say (“So how’s your kid–is he better?”, “You look so tan! Was Bora great?” etc). Believe me, this knowledge really helps!

    As for Twitter, I can’t do it. I try! But I don’t understand it at all.

  • i am with you. well, as for me, my take on the matter is it’s a ‘young generation’ thing. but i admit it’s an effective tool to reconnect with old friends.

  • I am not addicted to Facebook. Sure I check some updates from time to time, but I did not master the games like Farm Town, Restaurant City, etc (although I tried playing those initially).

    I also am amazed on how people can get so active on Facebook. Maybe because there are just so many features that can catch anyone’s fancy. 🙂

  • I agree with you. I am a member of Facebook but I am not realy addicted to it. I do not want to waste long hours in it. My sister spends half of her day playing there. What a waste of time.

  • I used to be addicted to FB esp. the games. One day it hit me and decided to terminate my account. Phew, best decision I ever made! LOL!