You got to be kidding me!

I read this post from a personal blog by an Entrecard member. I am trying to leave a comment but it won’t work. I would like to tell the author of this blog that…

1. Ferdinand Marcos was a dictator who killed so many Filipinos and was not even sorry for it. Sure, some can be attributed to her crazy wife, Imelda Marcos. But then he’s still the president who could have done something to stop all the craziness back then.

2. He stole so much money from the country that he made Switzerland so rich! It could have been our country but then he stole what should have been the citizen’s money.

3. Remember the bombings???

4. He ruled for 20 years and who really knew every little dastardly thing he did during that time? He wouldn’t have stopped being the dictator if not for the People Power with Cory Aquino.

5. His family still won’t return the money they stole!!!

So, blog author, do you really want to give this man…

President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the great military man, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of the Philippines deserves to be treated the way we did to Cory Aquino. Full military honors, paying tribute to what he really did for the entire nation, the good side of it.

Yes, we are taught to forgive and forget. We are a Catholic nation. But then some things are really hard to forget. Forgive, sure. But to even think of giving this man honor???


  • I agree with you Sasha. I don’t think F Marcos deserve a good tribute.

    Maybe the author who wrote the article is one of the Marcoses loyalist.

  • Medyo insensitive lang yung dating ng post, manay. Bigla akong naapektuhan kasi may panawagan yung author eh. Marcos may have done some good during his dictatorship but I don’t think it will ever be enough to cover for the bad things he did.

  • it is like, a whole sheet of white bond paper. The Marcoses and the rest of its party put not just a dot on that paper but actually made it all black!

  • I just learned about him a couple days ago during Ninoy Aquino Day. I think the fact that he got to go into voluntary exile in Hawaii of all places instead of jail for embezzlement is a good enough tribute to anything he did that was good.

  • Hey Sasha 🙂 Firstly wanna say that you have a great blog 🙂 Really like it. By the way, your article reminded me of my Uni days when I had to do a research on Ferdinand Macos. I was really taken aback and disgusted by his criminal doings when he was dictating the Philliphines. And I agree with you, the Philliphines citizens can forgive him, however his actions and evil deeds can’t be forgotten at all. It was really atrocious!