Direct paid to post offers: Which ones are legit?

I get invitations to write about this and that by email. These are direct offers from individuals representing companies and other advertisers. I know right away who’s legit and who’s spamming my inbox. Like there are emails coming from a company offering an opportunity for you to earn a thousand bucks ($1,000) a day! Come on! If it’s a month, I might believe it. But a day?!? Then there are those selling techniques for you to earn as much. Or those home-based opportunities where you need to sign up and eventually after filling out 3 forms, you are actually going to pay a fee before you can join. Hmm…

I tried some that I thought were legitimate offers and they turned out to be legitimate offers! I got paid and that’s it. Some return to ask for another blog. I remember there was once this blog advertising program, Blog for Bucks that victimized a lot of bloggers for a measly $15! A person representing them would contact you for offers and after you posted it, they would stop replying to your demands of payment. I did write for them twice and they paid me both times. After that, probably due to misuse of funds, they stopped paying other bloggers.

Let me tell you that some are legitimate offers. It’s for you to discern which ones are legit and which ones are not.

Do you get this kind of offers? Have you tried it and the most important question, did you really earn from it?


  • Nice entry and interesting.

    You are right, there are offers like that..sabi pa nga they are earning $5,000 or more from first payment in google. Hay, I don’t know if it’s real or not. Then you have to buy something from them to learn more how they make money.

    I don’t accept offers like that especially if they are out of nowhere [from emails, blog comments].

  • I have tried enrolling in PPP, Blogvertise and Smorty almost a month ago already but until now I haven’t received any opps or offers yet. I’d really like to earn some soon can you give me tips on how I can start making a lil money so I can start paying my webhosting bills? 😀

  • Great! Although GA is not very profitable, it is my biggest earning.

  • I’ve considered some of the “blogging for cash” programs. I don’t know. It’s just such a turn off to see sponsored blog posts or post where people are plugging products or items but attempting to make it seem like it just happened to be what was on their mind that day. I’ll probably just stick with the basic sidebar ads…

  • I use to ignore these offers because I always thought they were too good to be true–but I do know that some are legit and you just have to decide if you are willing to take a chance to find out which offers hold true to their word. That is why I research a offer first before committing to it.

  • a good rule of thumb to remember is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, so trust your instincts. don’t let yourself be sucked into lofty promises by little-known web-paying opportunists.

  • Yes, I have gotten offers directly and so far they’ve turned out to be legit. I would love to get some that are more lucrative, but I am excited to know that my blog is doing well enough to get offers. I hope I don’t fall for any that are gonna scam me. Great topic.