What do you think?

I have not been able to drop ECs for the past days. I apologize for that. I am sick and have been staying online to do work and then would log off right away to sleep my cough and cold off. To my droppers, I am returning drops as I write this entry.

I was just wondering, while dropping, if Entrecard is still any good in your opinion. Frequent downtime, declining advert clicks, bounce rate. In my case, I still get comments from first-time visitors or those who are not regular readers. Not much but I am already happy with what I get. Sadly, the advert clicks declined, as well as the organic clicks.

So what do you think, is EC still as good for you?


  • hope you feel better sis! *HUGS*

    as for EC, I use it mainly para kung minsan na hindi ako nagco-comment, ay to at least let the site owner na bumisita ako…somewhat like a silent hello =)

  • the bounce rate is definitely concerning. I haven’t had anyone purchase an advert on my site in what seems like forever. It’s really very time consuming…in all honesty I have stumbled across some great blogs but I really don’t think it’s worth it…Oh well gotta run. I’m dropping Ecard

  • BK

    Hope you are feeling much better today.

    Is EC still as good for me? To me, it’s not really a matter of whether it is still good for me as to whether I am ready to let it go.

  • Hi Sis,

    I am still holding on Entrecard but the developments are somewhat frustrating at times.

  • Hope you feel better soon. Regarding EC…I have to agree with the other posters–It is very time consuming and the bounce rate is concerning, but I have noticed that some of the visitors stay long enough to view pages.

  • please read my post from today…it’s about just how you’re feeling. I came! – I puked! – I left!

  • Entrecard is frustrating because you never know what the owners are going to do next… The system is constantly changing, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Things seemed to be going well once Graham left, but now the new owners have taken away points for getting dropped on, which I don’t agree with.

  • I will say that I like the toolbar for surfing webs. It was always a pain to try to click on different icons to make it to the different sites.

  • Hmmm….I just started with Entrecard, and am hoping it works really well…It seems like a great idea, but now I’m wondering if it will work as well as I hope or not! **fingers crossed**

  • Yes, EntreCard is time consuming, and it is very frustrating that you never know what the owners are going to do next.

    I still get relatively good traffic from it and advertise fairly widely. As of the result of their latest change, I have cut back my advertising by about 20% and my card dropping by about 50%. We will see what effect this has longer term.

    I don’t worry a lot about the bounce rate. If people look at my site, read my most recent blog post and move on, that is fine. That’s what most of my regular readers do. I worry more about time on site. Are they only looking at my blog post for a few seconds, or are they really taking time to read them. EntreCard isn’t great with time on site either.

    Balancing things out, I’ve started to use CMF Ads and Adgitize a bit. Right now, I like Adgitize best. It is bringing me better traffic and I’m even making money off of it.

    Check out http://www.adgitize.com/?affid=342 for more information.

  • I’ve only been with Entrecard for a month and so far, I am still failry satisfied with it. I like the fact that I can advertise on other blogs without having to spend any money. And that I get to read and observe what other bloggers are doing. I’ve been very diligent in EC dropping and it is starting to pay off.

    Of course, before I signed up I read the starter ebook first so I am aware how time-consuming it can get. And right now, predictably, I am struggling to balance my time I spend on bloghopping (reading and commenting on other blogs) versus the time I spend working on my blog – researching, writing, and tinkering with back-end things.

  • EC is time consuming. actually, i do not understanding everything about EC.

  • hi ate sash! long time no visit here.. hehe. 🙂 take care always..