Blog traffic and incoming links

I must admit that when I don’t go EC dropping, my traffic goes down. I haven’t been active in other social networking sites where I get traffic before so I am left depending on EC for my traffic, plus some regular readers/visitors that are non-EC members.

So I was wondering, what’s the best source of traffic for your blog? Tell me about it here, whether the service has a fee or it’s free. If you have an affiliate commission from it, prove to me that you are actually getting enough traffic from it and I just might sign up 😉

Yes, I need traffic for this blog of mine. I need some incoming links as well. I just don’t want to force anyone to give it to me so might as well go for the directories and such. What do you think?

Happy weekend everyone!


  • Hello Sasha,

    i stick with Adgitize as one of the best traffic sources. You get around 1.500 to 3.000 visitors each month if you are willing to pay 14 $.
    I guess you will be willing to pay this amount because you can earn it back within one month.
    All you have to do is… what you usually do already.
    Visiting other blogs and clicking on one of the Adgitize ads (Blog hopping), writing each day one article and dropping additional some cards in EntreCard (this is only to get more page and ad views points in Adgitize).
    I managed now since July to get back my monthly invested 14$ and gain additional up to 18$/month from Adgitize because they have a nice referral program, too 🙂 5$ when the referral starts advertising the first time!
    (I give back to my referrals 50% of it as soon as i get the money from Adgitize (one month later), but you have to contact me!).

    In case you are interested, send me a message in EntreCard. I’ll share with you additional tips how to increase your income with Adgitize!

  • Try Stumble Upon. Just sign up and submit some of your articles. See what happens.

    Just a suggestion from a friend. We have no affiliation.


  • Hey Sasha. I don’t get like loads and loads of traffic, but I only drop on entrecard for about once a week and I notice that I get most of my traffic from google searches on certain topics and also from people searching for photoshop brushes and stuff that I make.

    I also go to and I blog about some of the most popular search terms sometimes. Believe it or not it helps.

  • sasha, your alexa rank is fine, at 147k. must be the entrecard, and the traffic from friends and bloggers. my alexa dropped when i stopped dropping ec. my traffic nowadays mostly comes from search engines. i’ve done optimization. the incoming links i got are mostly from friends whom i met at blogging ebs.

  • I am finding ways how to build traffic too for my blog. Thanks for some hints and insights…

  • Actually EC traffic is not doing you any good at all especially if the visitors are only doing drop and run, they only make your bounce rate higher which is totally bad for your blog, unless they spent at least a minimum of 10 minutes reading your blog and click some of your link, that is really helpful, but Ec droppers who do drop and run is more harmful, if i were you, i will join weekly meme, it’s a way of getting a regular visitors that really read your post and leave a comment.I hope it helps.

  • Hi Sasha!

    EC is definitely the main traffic generator for me. I don’t mind people drop and leave, but a few do stop by, read and take the time to leave comments.

    EC is also responsible in helping my blog improve its Alexa rank 🙂 It’s now around 75K from a million plus!

  • Hi, good topic. My blog is newish and hasn’t gotten a lot of traffic yet, so I’m just working my way through 🙂

  • Dorothy L

    Hello…I use them all and CMF adds also.
    I do find however that the manual stop and comment also drives traffic. A shoutbox rules because people that come through will thank you for commenting on their site and others that read that will also come to your site as everyone wants comments also.

  • hello there sha!!!1 kumusta na ..