No landline and DSL at home!

I am almost loving Bayantel now that they’re giving me a consistent internet connection and speed. But I am reminded why I didn’t like them in the first place… when the electricity is cut off, the landline and internet connection go kaput! Imagine when all of you at home are using a prepaid cellphone and you all forgot to load it. What will you use in an emergency?

I thought, at first, that all phone lines were cut off. You know, because of the storm. But then we were able to call my uncles’ homes using our cellphones. They are PLDT subscribers. Imagine that!

Bayantel, your subscribers are paying you. Most, like me, even pay ahead of the due date. Why not invest in something more stable than rent out from PLDT? Of course, they will sabotage your operations! Even a kid knows that! Invest in your own facility so when there’s an emergency, you need not shut it down!

Last night, there was a fire scare in our neighborhood. People couldn’t call the firestation or the nearest police station because we didn’t have landlines. Most of the neighbors are also Bayantel subscribers. PLDT is an asshole in this place, always delayed in their installation. Of course, Bayantel would swoop in when they feel the disappointment from the people. No landlines, no internet connection…

I wonder what excuse Bayantel will use this time!

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  • Nichole

    Sun Cellular has this landline service that I’m currently using. It’s called SunTel. You may want to switch. Surprisingly, it’s great. No disconnection even during Ondoy. Maybe it’s partly because of my location. I reside in the Fort area and there was minimal rain shower and no flood.