PAGASA without hope

Maybe the government should look into the fact that PAGASA is always far from right when predicting the weather. Is it the weather equipments? Or is it the people already? I guess it’s both!

We need more agressive weather people and equipment! We are a country that always encounters catastrophe one way or another. We need to be on top of this lest we lose people because of a wrong weather update.

Like this Tropical Storm Ondoy. Sure, the PAGASA said that it will land on Saturday afternoon. But midnight before the landfall, rain was already pouring down hard and even someone who’s not an expert in weather would know that it will result to deep floods especially in areas that are normally flooded even with slight rain. But there was no announcement from PAGASA telling everyone to stay put, the rain would pour down harder. Nothing! Even college students and their universities were not advised to cancel classes. When they knew all along that the intensity of the storm is stronger than predicted.

Malamang nakatulog sila sa kangkungan kasi!

When will we ever learn to be prepared in cases like this? We encounter storms every year. We all know that! The experts know that! Why not be on the alert and go out on a limb, tell everyone to stay put in their homes because there will be a great flood coming? At least they put out a warning, right? But nothing at all!