Entrecard participation

I am not active with Entrecard anymore. Not by choice. I am having problems with my laptop and desktop, plus I had issues with Google’s Chrome. I got a virus from one of the sites I was regularly dropping on and it messed up with my computer. Right now, I can’t log into any Google-related site – Gmail, Blogger, Youtube. I can view Blogspot blogs and Youtube videos. But logging in, I really can’t. I also can’t do any Google searches because I can’t access Google.com itself. So much mess from a single drop. Hay.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been dropping for over a month now, I believe. I miss dropping. But I can’t risk giving any of you the virus my pc had. I already installed a licensed McAfee AV. I am still monitoring it. I hope that this will solve my problem regarding the virus. With regards to logging into any Google-related site, I still don’t know how. Any ideas?

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