PayingPost and A Scam?!

I just read a post that really bothered me. It’s about Paying Post and Blog Advertising Store. According to the blogger, Jenie, PayingPost hasn’t been paying up!

I was one of the many bloggers who tried out Paying Post when it was starting up. I wrote a couple of posts for them and when it reached $50, I was able to withdraw my earnings from them. In fact, I wasn’t even withdrawing my earnings that time yet but was just tallying my earnings recorded on my list versus what they have on record. Robert ( was a very pleasant person to talk to and he helped me correct the amount of my earnings on their end. And to clean up my account, he paid me right away while we were still exchanging emails about it. I earned $51 from them and that was in December 2008. From then on, I checked from time to time for new opportunities until I just got so lazy I didn’t check anymore. In short, I stopped using PayingPost after that $51 I earned from them.

To be honest, I already forgot about them until I read this tweet from Cherry that alerted me to this news about PayingPost. Apparently, Jenie has heard so many negative things about PayingPost not paying people on time or not paying them at all. And then she just learned that, apparently PayingPost in disguise, has been putting blogs at risk with the script they’re asking their members to embed in their sites!

If you are a member of any of these programs, I would like to hear your experience from them. If you are a member of, beware because your site might be infected with a virus that is supposedly coming from them! Check and double check!

So, is PayingPost really a scam? Because on my part, I had a good experience with them back in 2008. I don’t know what happened back in 2009 that led to these whispers of them being a scam.

Let me know your thoughts.


  • Ang damng bago but I am not sure if they last long. If they don’t treat the bloggers good, I don’t think they could last like reviewme, izea, payu2blog and sr.

  • I did one post for them, then I started looking round the ‘net to see if people were getting paid. Thanks to blogs like yours I won’t be wasting any more time on them.

    I knew it was too good to be true when the opps were so easy to get even for Rank 0 blogs like mine ;_;


    A lot of us, didn’t receive any payment from them. We posted this already that this site is a scam.

    maraming kaming taga Pinas na di nila binayaran at walan ka man lang maririnig sa kanila kahit mag submit ka pa ang ticket. Bingi sila sa bayaran.

  • Wow ate thanks for this information.
    Gumawa na din ako ng post from them last 2009. Pero buti, 1 assignment lang. Grabe, ang dami ng scam sites 🙁

  • Is there any of them that is not a scam. I’m trying to find one but all I get is bad reviews. I’m starting to wonder! hmmm?

  • Thanks for this information. You actually make people aware about this kind of scam.