Beware of emails from different Michaels of

I haven’t been paying much attention to the spam mails I receive daily. I just noticed these five mails I got from someone named Michael with different surnames. The mails have the same subject: Looking for Bloggers.

Beware of this blogging scam on TwitpicThe first email came from MichaelMCorp . It says that he is part of the outreach team for and that they have recently launched a sponsored blog post offering looking to add quality sites to their offerings.

If you will search Google for, it won’t give you any site with the same URL. There is a but it is a site offering blog resources and information and not a paid post program. The thing that will give you a doubt as to the authenticity of this email is that the link to the form they are asking you to fill out is shortened. It does not give you the exact URL but a shortened version of it.

Beware of this blogging scam! on TwitpicAn hour or two after I got that email from MichaelMCorp, I got another email with the same subject from someone named Michael Flores this time. The content of the email is the same as the first one. No change at all.

A few days after, I got an email from Michael Traugott . The content of the email is the same as the first two except that this time around, he didn’t mention anymore. He just mentioned a new blog monetization network. The rest of the email is the same. No words have changed.

And then another one from Micheal Spayer and Michael jezzer with the same content as that of the third email from Michael Traugott. The same email, no words were changed at all.

I am writing this entry to let all of you know that this might be a scam or a way to lure you to click on that form link with the tiny URL. It might be a virus or a way to hack your computer. It might be a phishing scam. Whichever, I think you will agree that there is something fishy with these emails I got. I have posted the email samples here. Just click on the image for you to see the larger version of it.

Do not be lured easily by these fly-by-night sponsored blog post programs. We all know what happened to a couple of bloggers scammed by and PayingPost. Just be careful with accepting invitations to join a program. Remember that if it’s a legitimate offer, you won’t be reading about it in an email. You will be reading about it from other bloggers who are talking about it in their blogs, in forums and such.


  • hindi ko ma open ang, surely scam eto manay. ang dami kung na receive na mga scams na galing from paypal. sabi, limited daw ang account ko tapos i verify ko daw by providing those information provided by the sender. When i opened my paypal account, wala namang problema at verified naman.

    It’s very easy to find out the spammer url without clicking the link. I-hover mo lang at makikita mo na sa browser at bottom left.

    Thank you for this warning manay.

  • Michael T

    Hi: I got a link to your comments from my google search on my name. It’s interesting to see how it pops up sometimes, but this was one of the more unusual.

    I assure you that I didn’t send any kind of spam. Thanks for helping sweep back the tide of that kind of trash too.

    Best of luck.

    Michael Traugott (the other one!)