Facebook Friends List


Do you add every person who adds you as a friend in Facebook? How do you talk to the 400+ people in your friends list? Do you even read their updates?

I have 106 friends in Facebook. I removed the 11 I realized I added by mistake. These are people I don’t actually talk to and don’t care about. So I removed them from my friends list. I am now down to 95. Ang konti di ba? The thing is, these people are the ones I am interested about. The people I care about what’s happening in their lives. These are the people I really talk to and will talk to when I see them online.

More people have added me on Facebook. I am not a snob when I ignore their requests. It’s just that, whenever someone adds me up, I ask myself, do I really want these people to know what’s happening in my life? Do I want these people to be able to read my senseless (haha) posts? The only answer I can come up with is “NO!” so I ignore them and move on.

I understand that some people use Facebook to generate income. I’ve seen others selling items there. Now, adding 1,000+ is the way to go. But for a personal account? No offense to those who have more than 400+ friends. This post is for me. I just can’t see myself interacting with that many people in my account.

My FB is an intimate affair and I would like it to stay as such.

How about you?


  • Great post manay. Yung iba, they are competing about their list kahit hindi nila kakilala. You did the right thing, so don;t worry. I think I have only two blogger friends in my account. I added them by mistake. Most of my contacts are family who have no idea with my blog.

  • It is very good to add some friends in your facebook.I have no friend in my facebook but i shall add some friends.I shall just add those persons to whom i would like to talk.

  • I agree with you. After reading your post, napaisip ako. I don’t search for people I don’t know and just add them. When other people added me, I just click confirm without thinking. I should clean my facebook up.

  • I probably have the same amount of friends as yours. I like to see what my friends are up to so when my “facebook friends” that I personally don’t know post something spammy, I just delete them.

  • On a serious note…after commercialization of face book i stopped visiting it…i use orkut…but it is also spammed now…the only thing i like is twitter…and i follow after careful consideration…face book is not safe anymore…i think u know what i am trying to convey

  • JUDy Spear

    I did just that a few weeks ago. I took a good look at the list of “friends” on fbook. Also, it’s funny how some of the friend request I received were from girls i went to high school with who never gave me the time of day back then. So why would I want you in my life now? ha, ha, I hope I don’t sound like a snob, I’m not, just choosy. Good post.