Waterless Metro Manila

You read it right. We are waterless! The Philippines is currently experiencing the El NiƱo phenomenon. Because of this, the water level in different dams has reached the critical point. According to news reports, hundreds of barangays in Metro Manila are experiencing water shortage.

In our area alone, there’s no water supply. We can only get water in between 1 and 3 in the morning. After that, nothing. We have a water pump and it’s a big help because without it, I don’t think we can even fill a pail. Even in between 1 and 3 in the morning, the water trickling from the faucet is very minimal.

It’s a big hassle. We have water drums that we fill whenever we can get water supply. But because there’s 7 of us in the house, the reserve water is not enough throughout the day. I am really praying for rain to fall. My reasons are these: to increase water supply and to alleviate the heat! Join me in praying for rain?


  • Plus summer pa jan manay mas lalong worst ang situation no. Mas gustuhin ko pang walang kuryente than with no water. Kung matagalan pang ganyan, bili ka nalang ng extra drum o mga balde.

    Sa CDO pala, mukhang 3 months na ata silang may scheduling sa kuryente. At least 5 hours a day na walang kuryente. Sabi, bumaba na daw ang tubig at hindi na masyadong powerful ang kuryente. Ay, ewan di ako makapag explain.

  • It is similar here in Cebu, the mountain-barangays also experience a water shortage.
    Is it really El Nino related or has it something to do with the upcoming elections? The same goes for the power, every day there are rotating brownouts here…