Who did you vote for?


Did you vote for Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Jejomar “Jojo” Binay (NoyBi)? Or did you go for the Aquino and Manuel “Mar” Roxas II tandem (NoyMar)?

One thing is for sure, Noynoy has won the battle for the presidency. I keep telling my friends that Noynoy might not be their bet but now that he’s the incoming president of the country, let us support him in any way we can to really bring about the much needed change in the country. We need it.


  • people likes him because there were no allegations from the aquino family. his father was executed and her mother won the people’s power movement. i think aquino is better than the rest who run for president.

    i have no enough knowledge about the vice-pres but i will go for mar. are they still together with korina manay?

  • That’s true, manay. His clean image really propelled him to victory. That and his parents’ legacy. I went for Binay for the VP kasi I have relatives living in Makati and they were the ones who attested to the fact that Binay did so many things for Makati. And I was there when he visited the wake of my cousin’s grandma. Imagine a mayor nakikiramay sa mga simpleng mamayan di ba? With Mar naman, yes he’s still with Korina. In fact they got married recently lang. He comes across as plastik kasi sa mga campaign ads niya kaya I think he didn’t win.

  • bing

    i have relatives near Makati who attest that Binay did good.

    i did not vote for Aquino but let’s all support him because he is the people’s choice.