Actors/Actresses in politics

I can’t understand why these actors and actresses would join politics without any knowledge of what to do and then would promise to study/enroll in a crash course in Public Administration when they get elected. They are so confident to run for a government position without any knowledge of what they are about to do because they know they can hire someone to act on their behalf. They will just be puppets of those who urged them to run in the first place.

I would like to think that these people are making fun of us whom they will serve. How can they even serve us when they know nothing about what to do? Popularity and appeal are just what they have. What happens when they start their term?

Lani Mercado, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Manny Pacquiao, Angelica Jones… these are just some of the names I read who are going to “study” now that they got elected. Lany, Lucy and Manny are said to be attending the National School of Public Administration and Governance in University of the Philippines (UP). The last one I just heard in the news.

In my opinion, people who are seeking a seat in the government should at least have a working knowledge of the system. It doesn’t matter that much if he/she is running for a barangay position. But these are national positions. If someone who has no knowledge of the government system really wants to serve his/her countrymen, I say start from the bottom. Seek a local position first. Learn the ropes. Study Public Administration and Governance BEFORE seeking a national position. Be fair to the people you plan to serve!

One comment

  • Eh, marami na silang pera at popular pa. This time, power naman ang gusto nila. Sana, they will start from lower position. Mag sk muna sila..ha-ha. over age na pala. Mag punong barangay o kagawad nalang sa local.