Kamag-anak Inc.

Comedienne Mae Paner a.k.a. Juana Change and the spokesperson of the new administration are having a tiff right now. And all because the former publicly noted the participation of the Abads in the Aquino administration. I am talking about Butch Abad his daughter. Because Juana Change posted it in her Facebook account, Atty. Edwin Lacierda fired back that she was just envious of the Abads.

I would like to say that I’ve been noticing how Lacierda is always frowning when being shown on tv. He is the president’s spokesperson. Shouldn’t he be projecting a good image because he represents the president? Another thing, I believe Juana Change has a point. Why the Abads in different government posts? Isn’t Butch Abad enough and he still need to put each and every one he owes gratitude to including Abad’s daughter?

If Noynoy wants a good and controversy-free 6-year term, he should get rid of people who will give him a bad image. Stop the Kamag-anak Inc. Stop putting friends in government posts and instead put competent people who will do good in office. Stop putting people he owes something to. Abad, Mar Roxas, and other persons prominent during his campaign.

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  • Pet Crisanto

    Was also wondering why Butch Abad and his daughter are so indispensable. Butch Abad did something really BIG for Aquino during the past election. Talk to the people of Batanes and find out what Abad did in order for the Liberal party to win!