Minors in conflict with the law

According to the news, more and more minors are getting involved in crimes. The Alabang Boys, Jason Ivler, Ivan Padilla and his gang, Snake gang and so many others. Most of the kids involved in high profile crimes are even kids from rich families.

An expert was interviewed about it and she said that this is caused by many factors foremost of which is seeing these things from the elders around them. My take on this is… media and the lack of proper guidance by an authoritative figure in these kids’ lives. Add to it poverty and peer pressure.

It is actually very alarming considering these kids should have been the blessed ones, the ones who wouldn’t even think of committing crimes just for easy money. But they are and the gravity and frequency of these crimes are increasing.

I think parents, guardians, elders in the family and school authorities should double their efforts in monitoring kids. They now start young. And we can prevent this from happening if we are only open and more aware of what our kids are getting themselves into.