Webhost problems

There is something terribly wrong with my web host right now. I keep experiencing these minute-long downtimes that happen several times in a day. It doesn’t last long. As I’ve said, it’s a minute long. But it still irritates me because it happens when I am busy with a post and about to publish it. Imagine my surprise for getting an error message and when I check, there is no problem with the web host’s server. As soon as I check again, connection to the web host is back!

I have complained already. And the management has replied right away. I will have my account evaluated and they will determine if there is a need for me to be migrated to a new server. They think that I might be on a server that’s been experiencing a lot of problems lately.

I appreciate the fact that they listened to my complaint and will do something about it asap. But I am really not comfortable with these downtimes. I am already trying to look for a new web host. Let’s see if I find one better than the current one I have.


  • I have the same problem too ngayon manay. kanina pa daw mga 2pm sabi ng ate ko. hindi ba tayo mahihirapan kung ilipat natin sa ibang hosting? maraming domain sa account natin e.

  • @Raquel: Mahirap maglipat, manay. Naranasan ko na yan last year dahil naglipat ako ng accounts. Ang trabaho! Ilang araw ko rin inasikaso yun.