Blogging goal for 2011

I’ve been inconsistent in updating my blogs this year. In 2011, my top priority in blogging will be regular updating of ALL my blogs. That’s my blogging goal for 2011. To be consistent in updating and to put out good content. I know the good entries in this blog of mine are those where I ranted about something, mostly about poor customer service here in the country. In 2011, that will change. I will dish out more topics here, entries that will make you ponder and want to discuss with me.

This is not top priority but something I’ve been wanting to learn more of since three years ago… search engine optimization (SEO). I have some materials with me, I can ask some friends, but for some reason I kept putting it aside. This coming year, I promise to learn more about SEO and to apply it to my blogs. I also would love to learn more about website traffic and how I can keep on increasing it. This is not really a goal of mine but would be great to achieve in 2011.