Verbal abuse by a Philippine Congressman

A party list representative here in the Philippines, Eulogio Magsaysay, called a ground attendant of the Philippine Airlines (PAL) a “menopausal bitch”. His reason? Ground attendant Sarah Bonnin Ocampo refused to give in to the request/demand of the solon for a change in seats so he’d be closer to his son. The flight was full and he was told that it would be impossible to change seats then. Rep. Magsaysay berated Miss Ocampo publicly, heard by her colleagues and supervisor. He also threatened Miss Ocampo that he would have her fired from work.

The nerve of this congressman!

My first reaction to this was, what have the supervisor done? Did he/she intervened to clear the issue? Secondly, WTH was Rep. Magsaysay thinking when he pulled that stunt? Calling a ground attendant a “menopausal bitch” when she’s just doing her job? You know, even if Miss Ocampo was the one on the wrong side of this issue, Rep. Magsaysay doesn’t have the right to call her a bitch and in front of her colleagues. He was a politician and should know better than to behave improperly. And to threaten the woman!

Isn’t this a case of abuse against women?

And then I just read in RG Cruz‘s blog that PAL apologized to the solon’s family for what happened and have distanced themselves from the complaints of Miss Ocampo to the media. Shouldn’t they be backing up their employee and not tolerating a congressman for insulting and threatening a person who’s only doing her job? What kind of an employer is this airlines anyway?

Why are we Filipinos voting for a person who clearly has no good manners and right conduct? Did he think that just because he is a congressman his requests/demands should be accommodated? If the flight was not full and his request/demand was not accommodated then maybe he had the right to be angry. He still doesn’t have the right to call the woman a bitch and threaten her. That’s really power-tripping on his part already. But angry he could be. Since the flight was full and he knew it…

PAL officials who gave a go signal to the apology towards the Magsaysays on this issue should be ashamed of themselves! Are they implying that it was fine to call their employee a bitch for what she did?!?

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