Death of Gen. Angelo Reyes

Angelo Reyes, former defense secretary and Chief of Energy, passed away this morning. He reportedly committed suicide at the Loyola Memorial Park, shooting himself in the chest. He was visiting his mother’s grave with his sons and a bodyguard. He reportedly asked his sons to go ahead and wait for him in the car when all of a sudden there was a shot heard.

He was rushed to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center where 45 minutes later he was pronounced dead.

Suicide is never an option. I pray for strength and understanding for his love ones.


  • Dulce F. Atian

    The news was unexpected. In the midst of the controversies, I was looking forward for the truth to come out. Now I asked, why his sudden death and why did he take his own life?

    A more intriguing side of the story awaits every onlooker. What could it be?

  • His death does make one think of what’s the truth behind all these controversies.

  • Assign

    Why did he take his own life? Is he guilty of all the accusations?

  • Dr. Nick Tan

    I`m from Vancouver, Canada.

    It`s sad he took his own life. If he only ask the LORD to help him to go thru this trial to face the truth. This would not have happened.

  • andres

    Media cover up campaign for afp corruption starts. How much money changed hands for abs cbn media men to mount a propaganda to promote the lie that angie reyes is a victim instead of a MALEVOLENT PERPETRATOR AND PROMOTER OF AFP CORRUPTION? Vice president noli boy de castro please answer. Remember you are known to the public as AC/DC, attack collect/defend collect, and one of the most corrupt (extortioner) media men in the land.

  • florante villanueva

    A couregeous MAN that he took his own life but it would be more HEROIC/PATRIOT if he exposed what he knows. He left us, our country in the middle of darkness. My condolences to his beloved family.

  • jonas aguilar

    I salute gen angelo reyes for he had done.. truly in japan if one commit venial sin they commit harakiri,, dapat ganyan din ang gobyerno natin lao na yong mga boss ni angelo reyes,,, sayang pati c general damay pa,, it was called in the army ” piyait must die”