Valentine’s Day commercialism

Today is Valentine’s Day. February 14. Heart’s Day. Love Day. Whatever you call it, it’s a day meant mostly to be celebrated with a special someone. It’s a red letter day for lovers out there.

How do you celebrate this day?

Most people will give their special someone roses or bouquet of flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, cakes, cards. Some would celebrate with a bottle of wine and a special candle-lit dinner. Or a romantic getaway…

Roses Chocolates Wine

StuffedToy Cake Roses Card

What are you getting your special someone?

I would just like to comment on the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and how we are all so eager to celebrate this day. Filipinos love to grab any opportunity to celebrate. That’s why we have a lot of fiestas and the longest Christmas celebration. Valentine’s Day is no different. It’s an opportunity to celebrate so we grab at the chance to do so. Only, it’s become too commercialized! Have you noticed how every single merchandise you see from day 1 of February up to the 14th is meant for this day? You are lured to spend your hard earned money on something, anything, for this day. If you think about it, with these hard times, we should have been saving up instead of spending. There are different ways to celebrate this day without spending too much money. Have you seen the news the past few days? Prices of flowers, specifically roses and those bought for this occasion, have gone up! Is it really wise to shell out so much for something that will be rotten and dead in a few days only?

I am not being a party pooper here. I just want to point out how we are being lured by companies to celebrate a day extravagantly that we can otherwise celebrate simply so they can profit from us.