My brother’s best friend

Let me digress from my usual rants on the Philippine government and the many issues in our country to tell you a personal story involving my deceased brother and his best friend.

My brother passed away in 1998 due to leukemia. He was 15. He was best friends with another boy his age who was his classmate since grade school. I remember that the night before he breathed his last, his best friend was at his bedside. My brother was comatose that time and we were told by the doctors that he could hear us since hearing is the last to go before a person passes away. His best friend was telling him to fight and that he would be their guest of honor in their summer party. He was telling him that they would go take up courses in college together and have families of their own and grow old as best friends. My brother’s best friend was crying unashamedly. We were all crying, too.

When he said goodbye, that’s when my brother started crying. I will never forget that. His tears were flowing freely even when he was in coma. He heard everything his best friend told him and he held on to the tears until his best friend left. He knew he didn’t have a chance of coming out of coma anymore. Maybe he already knew then that the morning after that he would die.

My brother would have turned 28 yesterday had he still been alive. Last week, his best friend with whom we had little contact since then posted a status update on Facebook saying that he misses his best friend and that wherever he may be, he wants him to know that he is still his best friend. He didn’t mention my brother’s name but when my sister left a comment on his update, he replied that he was talking about our brother. He misses him.

You know the day after that update, my brother made his presence felt at home. He probably acknowledged the message from his best friend.

He would have been 28. His best friend already has a spouse and three kids. He is getting married and he told my sister that my brother would have been his bestman.

This is the reason why I can never understand those who commit suicide. My brother wanted to live but his life was cut short. Had there been a choice, he would have chosen to live even with the sickness to carry the rest of his life!

I miss him so much!