The President on the situations abroad

I am sure the president is doing something about our fellow Filipinos’ situation in Libya. I am sure he is doing something to help the OFWs come home to where it’s safe. But how come he isn’t saying something about it? How come we don’t see him appearing on TV asking everyone to pray for the Filipinos trapped in the disturbance in Libya? How come we don’t see him saying anything about what happened, the earthquake, in Christchurch, New Zealand?

I have more questions.

How come he pushed through with the celebration of EDSA People Power when so many Filipinos are panicking already and couldn’t find a way to exit Libya? How come he partied and even obliged to a song number when so many Filipinos are in the middle of not just this situation in Libya but also in Bahrain, Yemen and now in Oman? We can see him smiling often when he knows so many Filipinos relying on the government’s help are not getting even a word from the government’s representatives abroad?

Why isn’t he plastering his face in television and newspapers saying something ANYTHING! about what’s happening overseas when OFWs, Filipinos abroad, and their families here so badly need a reassurance from the head of state himself that his office is doing everything they can to help the victims of situations abroad?!?

Why, oh, why, Mr. President?!?????