Medical malpractice

Have you heard of the case of Jed Dragg, an HIV positive patient diagnosed 10 years ago at the San Lazaro Hospital only to find out a few weeks ago that he was actually NOT HIV positive at all!

A clear case of medical malpractice but since here in the Philippines we don’t really have a medical malpractice law, all Jed can do is file an administrative case against the hospital and to ask the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) to revoke the licenses of the doctor(s) and laboratory technicians who gave the wrong diagnosis.

One of the things that struck me when I first saw this news was what about the 10 years that was lost from Jed? For 10 years he lived with that fear of being an HIV positive. He lived with the stigma, malice, evil thrown at him by persons who knew of his HIV. He said in an interview in TV Patrol that his family even disowned him already because of the shame of being related to an HIV positive person. If the medical personnel responsible for the wrong diagnosis be punished for what they did, can they give him back the 10 years that was lost from his life?

Poor Jed.

I do hope that the medical malpractice bill, if still in Congress, be pushed so it can become a law. We need it. This is not the first time we hear of a wrong diagnosis. I am sure there are more out there. Speak up! We need our representatives to know that a bill punishing doctors and other medical personnel for wrong diagnosis and other things that harmed their patients is already needed.