Remarkable discipline amidst disaster


We all know what happened to Japan. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit the country that resulted to a huge tsunami destroying the Eastern part of the said country. It was devastating! I’ve seen so many before and after photos of the specific areas hit by the tsunami and it was horrible.




But one of the things that struck me while watching videos of the situation in Japan now was how disciplined the people were. People were lining up like there’s no reason to panic. Rows and rows of grocery items were gone already but still the Japanese people were slowly walking inside the store. No one was running. There was no one pushing others out of the way to get to the remaining items as quickly as possible. We don’t even hear looting or chaos in relief distribution normally associated with calamity-stricken countries.

Even in a tough situation, their discipline is remarkable!

If there is a country that can rise up against this kind of disaster, it will be Japan. Let’s continue praying for the country and the people living there.