Reproductive Health (RH) Bill

I heard about a priest who asked people attending the mass to go out if they support the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. Some attendees got up and went out of the church. Obviously, they support the RH bill. I would like to think that some of those who walked out were disgusted with the priest for mixing religion and politics!

I support the RH Bill! 100%! It’s about time the government address the ballooning population and do something concrete to stop it. Religion says that the Lord told the people of the olden days to “go forth and multiply”. But that’s when there’s more green than people inhabiting the earth! Now that we are in danger of turning the planet into one big sardine can, it’s but normal to start stopping the population boom.

Also, the thing about the RH Bill is that it will help minors from poor families into becoming child laborers. It will minimize the number of children suffering from poverty and needless pain and abuse.

Let’s take for example this teenager that we’re helping. He is 15 and the eldest in a brood of nine. Yes, nine kids! They live in a space not even fit for a single person to live in. But since the kid’s parents can’t afford a bigger space to rent out, they make do with what they have. The kids barely eat. The parents can’t afford to send all kids to school. The eldest has to do odd jobs for him to earn and contribute to the family income. The younger kids also do odd jobs to earn school money. Imagine this scenario. The parents couldn’t afford a big family but because there’s no family planning involved, they managed to produce nine kids. Eleven mouths to feed daily is way too much for a newspaper deliveryman and a stay at home mom.

There are more families like that in the Philippines. The Reproductive Health Bill is really needed. NOW more than ever! If not, more and more kids will suffer and the country will have to find a way to accommodate a growing population like this.