PNOY Administration

I don’t know if it’s just me or you also feel the same way… there’s NO CHANGE in Noynoy Aquino’s administration! His administration is like a mediocre version of his mom’s! I mean no disrespect to the former president but we all know the KAMAG-ANAK, INC during her time. In PNoy’s administration now, it’s KAIBIGAN, INC!

Every person who became his friend and that of his sister Kris is given a government post. Almost every individual who helped him win his presidential bid was made a government official. WTH is that?!? NO CHANGE at all! Utang na loob is still in effect! I understand this trait of ours Filipinos. We are grateful to persons who helped us along the way and we often carry with us a lifelong gratitude towards those persons. But to hear of almost every post filled with a friend with doubtful qualifications…

And then there’s his cabinet. It’s like he can’t even control his own cabinet! You hear of disagreements between the Mar Roxas and Vice President Jojo Binay groups. Is it even right for a losing VP contender like Mar Roxas to be given a very high position in PNoy’s cabinet when the latter already knows that the entry of the former will bring discord in his administration!

I am sure I am not the only one who voted for PNoy who is now rethinking the decision I made. Did I really choose the right person to lead the country in the next couple of years? Or did I just choose someone who will further bring down the country?!?

Tell me, have you seen any great change that PNoy brought to the country since the time he took his seat?