Active blogger

I realized how long since I’ve been truly active in the blogging world when I was sending PM’s back and forth with an old blogger friend. I don’t know much of what she’s telling me! I used to know everything that’s happening around the blogosphere. I used to be the one my blogger friends would go to for answers. But that is no longer the case.

I stopped being active when I started earning through blogging. I concentrated on it. I am still in touch with the handful of friends I chose from the so many I’ve made but I stopped keeping track of what’s going on in the blogosphere. I stopped joining blogging activities and events. I think I got tired from attending too many blogging events in the past so I just stopped. Don’t get me wrong. I tremendously enjoyed being active in blogging activities and events for close to three years. I enjoyed meeting other bloggers I only get to interact with when I am dropping in Entrecard or participating in a meme. I loved the feeling of being one with other bloggers. I chose between concentrating on earning and being active and the former won.

This morning I was thinking of being active once again. Of caring once more on what’s happening and what’s new. I kept thinking I would like to meet new bloggers once again and maybe make a new friend or two. It would be fun!