No Smoking!

I am not sure if there’s a law already or ordinances passed in different cities but smoking in public places are already being discouraged. I heard that those who will be caught smoking in public places including outside buildings, aboard public vehicles, in hospitals, will be penalized starting with a 500-peso fine escalating to jail time if caught repeatedly.

I do think that this is a bold move by the government. For one, the president of the country himself is a confessed smoker. He smokes a pack a day, if I am not mistaken. Most government workers themselves, MMDA officers, traffic enforcers, are smokers as well. So how do you truly implement a strict rule like this? Can you control the call center agents who smoke outside buildings during their breaks? How about the cigarette vendors, what will happen to them now?

Don’t get me wrong. I like this law. I don’t smoke and I am very much aware of what happens to smokers and those who inhale secondhand smoke. In fact, I laud the government for taking this bold move. I am just wondering if the government can truly stand by its directive when the ones who implements and monitors the law are smokers themselves.

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