An unsolicited advice

This post was originally published on November 13, 2008 at 2:10 in the morning. I thought I’d share it again because this is exactly how I feel right at this very moment. I should have saved for the rainy days! I should have left a chunk of the money I got from blogging which was A LOT. I can only keep shaking my head and regret what I did.

I need to start putting in at least 10% of what I earn monthly.

I can really feel the effect of the global financial crisis. Money kept pouring in this time last year. This year, since October, money is hard to come by. Oh yes, I am still earning more than if I am employed by a corporation. But you can just feel how much this quarter is different, especially when I look at my bank statement.

I don’t know if everyone is feeling the financial crisis like I do. Some may be earning more now because they just discovered paid posting. But most bloggers I talked to have the same situation as I am.

The point of this post is to reiterate the value of saving for the rainy days. My savings were mostly spent on vacations with the whole family. I kept on telling myself that I could earn it again easily. But look at me now.

So let me offer an unsolicited advice to everyone… SAVE! Find ways to save even a peso/dollar daily and you will be amazed at how much that peso/dollar can help in times of crisis.