A friendly reminder

This is a repost (071810) and one that is timely as I am planning to be active in Entrecard once again 😉

This is just a friendly reminder to all of us using Entrecard: not every site, especially those without proper widgets, is a good one. What I mean is that, you might find a site offering downloads and other free stuff. And because it’s in the Entrecard network, you’d think it’s legitimate. Don’t! It can be a site that will give you a big headache. Think of malware. You don’t want that in your computer, trust me.

You also don’t want to be dropping on sites that offers hacking advices. It could be the site that will hack your own site. I’ve encountered that and it gave me so much headache I swore off dropping for a while.

If you see any suspicious loading scripts from a site you are dropping on, better alert the owner of the blog right away and click on the X button as fast as you can. I got a hacking script from a popular blog I dropped on a couple of months ago. It hacked almost all my blogs I opened and I ended up creating new databases for each of my blogs that got hacked.

I am not saying that each and every site without proper widget images or the ones that seem to be aggregators only are illegal sites or something like that. All I am saying is be careful in dropping. That’s it.