Murdered by a love one

I can’t begin to imagine what it feels like to be a psychopath. I love watching the Crime and Investigation channel in cable. There was a show where psychopaths are discussed and the crimes they committed are reviewed. I saw an episode about the Whitaker killing of a mother and a sibling. I just couldn’t believe that a person who was so loved by his family could do such a thing!

Imagine staging everything… from the things he used to his alibis. He even lived at the same house where he killed his mother and his brother. He lived with his father for some time before the authorities finally caught on to his crime.

All I can say is that the man is sick! I do believe that when a person kills someone, especially a love one, sleep will start evading you. Guilt will slowly eat you and consume you until you go insane or confess to the murder! But a psychopath has no remorse. In fact, he has no feelings for what he did and for the persons he killed. Such was the man I watched on that cable show.

Disgusting person. And sad.