Keeping track of domain and web hosting renewals

I almost forgot to renew my Bluehost web hosting account! I wasn’t checking my email for a couple of weeks now for the simple reason that I keep forgetting to open it. When I opened my email yesterday, that’s when I found out a couple of reminders from someone in Bluehost went to my spam folder. I immediately checked and was horrified by what I found out!

My Paypal account has an $8 balance! How can I renew my Bluehost web hosting account with that amount?!?

I immediately asked around and fortunately, I have good blogger-friends who always help me out when I’m on a tight spot. This time around, Caren of through Gelliane of Everyday Adventures and (as usual) Angi of Say Cheese helped me out with my problem. I was able to renew my webhosting account the same day I found out it was about to expire! Thank you, ladies!

My advise to all of you, create an alarm. Or put a post-it with an upcoming expiry date of a domain name or a web hosting account. Do it and don’t be like me who found out about it at the last minute.

NOTE: If you don’t have a web hosting account yet, or you’re thinking of getting a new one, try Bluehost. They’re a reliable web hosting company.

NOTE2: This is not a paid ad but I will get an affiliate fee should you use my Bluehost Affiliate Link.


  • hey sasha! it’s been a while. i’ve recently purchased a domain name from blogger. dunno if it was a good decision though. just didn’t want to lose my readers that’s why i decided to automatically still go with blogger so they can redirect my readers. anyway, hope you could drop by my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I always get email alerts from Godaddy or Bluehost when my accounts will expire soon.

  • Hi! I’m glad to be of help sis. Maybe u don’t know this, but you’ve helped me as well. I got good advice from u about blogging, thru Tim & Ana. So for that thank you as well. God Bless! ๐Ÿ™‚