My DFA Experience, part 2


It took a while for me to write the part 2 of My DFA Experience. The reason for this is I want to know if both rush and regular processing of passports really work. My little girl and I opted for rush processing as I had to go back to Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for the copy of my passport for the little girl’s travel clearance. It actually worked and there wasn’t much of a hassle even when we opted to pick up our passports than have it delivered. That’s rush processing with personal pick-up. Now for the choice of regular processing with delivery, it also worked just fine. My dad and my brother chose this option. We paid an additional Php180 for the delivery charge per passport. My dad and my brother were given the dates when their passports will arrive but you know what? It arrived two days before the release date! Not bad, right?

My two sisters, on the other hand, had their passports processed a few days after us. They chose the option of rush processing with delivery. It’s the same with my dad and my brother. Their passports were delivered ahead of the release date.

Problems may arise like what happened with my friend and her son. Her son’s surname on the passport was misspelled and it took them a while to get it cleared. But I would like to think that these are isolated cases and that the DFA is doing their best to get these things resolved on time.

All in all, I must say that the DFA has already improved their passport services. You can either have your schedule via the web or you can call them up at 737-1000. You can have your passports processed in a rush (Php1,200) or in regular business days (Php900). You can choose to have your passports delivered to your doorstep (additional Php180) or you can pick it up personally on due date.

I believe that if we really want change, it can happen. If we eliminate the fixers, under the table transactions, palakasan system and all that, a better government service can be given to its citizens.

Keep up the good work DFA Passport services!