Looking for an inspiration.


I haven’t been feeling 100% the past couple of weeks now. There’s always something coming up that would intrude with my blogging time. First it was an almost two-week bout with the flu, with cough and colds alongside. After that, it’s the little girl’s turn to be really sick that we had to bring her to her pedia twice for medication. Then my aunt got hospitalized, the next-door neighbor passed away, my dad’s older brother suffered a heart attack and we had to be there to help out. There’s always something coming up.

I must admit that if I just wanted I could have still written something while attending to important family matters. But there’s just no inspiration to draw on. Plus my mind was scattered and elsewhere I couldn’t pin it down to collect my thoughts to write a decent entry. And when I know I couldn’t do that, I don’t force myself. It will just show and I hate putting out half-baked entries.

Anyhow, I am slowly getting out of the funk I am still in. I am hoping to be back 100% by this weekend when I finally caught up with all the tasks I left scattered around.