They call me Sasha.

Do you use a pseudonym when blogging? What are the advantages of anonymous blogging?

BLOGGINGWhen I started out in blogging, I debated with myself whether to use my real name or adopt a name that others would know me by. I opted to adopt a pseudonym and came up with the name Sasha. I got it from a toy collection that a younger cousin had. I figured going anonymous would give me some semblance of privacy that even if I rant about someone I could do it freely.

So I started introducing myself as Sasha in my blogs. It gave me the freedom I needed to just write about whatever I felt like writing without the need to consider if someone would recognize the person I was talking about. Anonymous blogging is liberating!

And then I started gaining blogger-friends. At first only a handful knew the real me. But as I got attached to a lot more bloggers, I slowly ‘unmasked’ myself. Now more bloggers know that Sasha is just an adopted name of mine. They also know me by my real name. I’ve already met in person some bloggers who know the real me. Some are already personal friends of mine that I meet up with regularly.

So let me ask the same: are you using your real name or are you using a psuedonym in blogging?