What’s hot in Manila now: Killed by own siblings

Ram RevillaRamgen Revilla, 22, son of former senator Ramon Revilla, Jr. and half-brother of actor and now Senator Bong Revilla, was killed in his own home. He was stabbed 11 times and shot by two gunmen wearing bonnets. His ex-girlfriend who was with him that time was also shot in the head but survived the incident albeit still in critical condition in the hospital. It was tragic made even more so by reports that his very own siblings plotted his murder by hiring gunmen and paying them 200,000 pesos (roughly US$4,800) in return. His younger brother Ramon Joseph and younger sister Ramona are being implicated in the murder by the gunman himself and by Ram’s assistant who was there at the scene when the crime took place.

It was reported that differences in financial matters was the primary motive in the killing. According to police report, Ram and his 8 other siblings receive 1 million pesos monthly allowance from former senator Revilla as child support. Ram would receive the money and was the one tasked to handle it on behalf of his younger siblings. It was said that Ram was not good in handling their finances and his siblings detested him for that.

Money is the root of evil. I was reminded of that quote when I heard of this news. Money and the fact that more often than not we let it govern our lives. I cannot fathom how a sibling can kill his sibling just because of money. But it has happened in the past and I know it will happen again. Blinded by the need for money, some people can really commit a crime. It’s just sad that money can divide and destroy a family when it never should.